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HELIUM 10 Amazon

Discount Coupon for the Leading Amazon Seller Tool Kit.

Helping Amazon Sellers Rise To The Top

Insanely Powerful Software Tools For Amazon Sellers
Helium 10

Every Tool  You Need in One Place

Helium 10’s all-in-one tool suite is a conversation between us, e-commerce enthusiasts, and you—the entrepreneurial Amazon seller. Our daily grind revolves around solving your problems.
Gain serious advantages for every step of the selling process.

Coupon Code for Helium 10

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Professional super tools that will boost your sales on amazon !

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Go to Helium 10.

After you log in, click on UPGRADE PLAN in the top right corner.

Enter the coupon code:
PRO50 or PRO10

Once you enter in the coupon code and click SUBSCRIBE

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Powerful Amazon Analytics to Boost Your Amazon Sales
SellerLegend lets you maximize your amazon seller data for a crystal clear view of your business

View all your order details, including promotional discounts. Check every Amazon payout statement in excruciating detail – summarized by product, by brand or by product groups.

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10% OFF Every Month for Life

Enter the coupon code: PRO10

Understand your competitors and Market

Discover keywords that lead to conversions

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New Helium 10 updates

New Powerful Tools

For years we’ve innovative thought forward and stayed on the cutting edge and now we’re pushing all-in-one to the limit with our new advanced revolutionary updates introducing four new powerful ways to optimize your business take control of your traffic with portals the most complete easy-to-use landing page builder in the industry effortlessly steer your traffic capture leads and drive sales available in beta to the first 1,000 subscribers and now track the big picture with market tracker customize your markets to measure your performance compare your competitors and always be in the loop with what’s going on available to all subscribers but that’s not all simplify optimize and automate your Amazon PPC campaigns with ads the most insightful PPC tool in the market run better ads with automatic good suggestions visualize your performance and make instant focus on selling we’ll handle the rest now available to all elite subscribers but we’re not done yet now get helium 10 right in the palm of your hand with the new helium 10 mobile app monitor your business health on the go get profits and alerts right on your mobile device see at a glance analytics get immediate insights on product sales and receive push notifications for any suspicious account activity available for all users on iOS and Android ,Helium 10.

450 million product database

Product Research

Find your first winning product today with our product research tools. Scan across Amazon’s 450 million product database, validate a product category, and narrow down on your niche product loaded with sales potential.

high volume keywords

Keyword Research

Our powerful keyword research tools help you get the most traffic pulling juice out of every keyword. With our tools you’ll find those high volume keywords to maximize organic traffic, build a powerful listing, & skyrocket sales.

הליום 10 ישראל
Facebook Group

Join The Community

Join One Of The Biggest Facebook Groups For Amazon Sellers. The Helium 10 Users Group is a community of forward-thinking Amazon sellers.
The group talks about all things related to selling on Amazon and making best use of Helium 10’s All-In-One Software Suite.
Our group is a resource to members who come together to discuss industry news, share tips and strategies, and engage in conversations that empower the community as a whole.

Helium 10 leading features

Start selling better, faster, and smarter today.

Xray – Browser Extension

Xray – Amazon Product Research, inside the Helium 10 Chrome Extension, helps give Amazon sellers a bird’s-eye view of a market as they browse through Amazon. Open up Xray on an Amazon search results page or product page, to validate potential product opportunities that you’re considering sourcing.

Cerebro – Reverse ASIN Search

Cerebro dives deep into competitor data to identify winning keywords. Compare multiple ASINS to reveal must-have data points such as estimated keyword phrase search volume, estimated broad keyword phrase search volume, and more. Spy on your competitors’ best keyword strategies and leave nothing to chance.

ADS – Beta

Run PPC campaigns like never before with smart bid suggestions and instant campaign management. Smart algorithms generate new and negative keywords to supercharge your campaigns, and clear, easy-to-read charts and analytics lets you quickly visualize your campaign success.

Black Box – Product Research

Black Box is your magic mirror for deep product research. Access a massive database of over 450 million products in seconds with advanced filters to find a winning product or niche.

Scribbles – Listing Optimizer

Scribbles makes sure that important keywords are never missing from a listing. Automate keyword organization for titles, descriptions, and bullet points. Optimize any product listing to maximize organic traffic.

Refund Genie – Inventory

Reimbursement Finder Generate estimated reimbursements for lost or damaged inventory on Amazon that you might not have even known about. Detailed reports are quickly generated making it much simpler to submit reimbursement requests to Amazon.

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Experts at Amazon Store Management for Israeli Companies

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Influencer Marketing

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3- שיווק מסיבי וחיצוני בערוצים סגורים, קד”מים ואתרי מבצעים.

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